Friday, August 24, 2012

Assam Violence_A Premonition

In Northeastern region of India the commonest tussle that can deteriorate into a civil strife is that of between bodos (ethnic Assamese - Converted back to their tribal identity to take benefit of their Tribal status which confers affirmative action through Indian constitution) and Muslims. The struggle for space amongst Bodos has been going on for long time. The migration of Muslims families from Bangladesh to India in early 20th  century branded as foreigners through political campaign of interests.
The descendants of these Muslims, born and raised in Assam for the last many decades have to contend with a unresponsive administration and a society that is divided on religion and caste lines. Political leaders have of course make a hey day when ever such massive loss of livelihood and displacement take place. All that these self-righteous Leaders (Indian Elites and Rulers)can give the displaced is value lesson on how they should now build themselves with the meagre compensation that is thrown on their faces by the govt machinery.
The first smell of trouble in the Assam began when bodo leaders were shifting their membership from INC affiliated party to to BJP affiliated parties. The intelligence  that can be gathered from email obtained bywikileaks are an indication the bodo leaders were making a move to topple or at least sow disaffection against the incumbent Government. Thus accuse the Chief Minister in failing to ensure law and order and gain a political ground. The local ethnic groups, given the alienation from mainstream due to stark racial difference are given no choice but to have to listen to the local leaders. The local leaders have fed the ethnic with paranoia and fear about alleged migrants and forced the locals to view local Muslims as foreigners. Truth thus obfuscated only a spark is required to light the fuse and the entire society and settlement is uprooted.
Continually the political right have raised issue of Assam as being question of insider and outsider while the Left wing have raised issue of being ethnic and Muslim. The bottom line of this tussle is that political interests at stake are high on both sides and all of them don't want to be seen in lesser light than the other. The uprooted tribal have been facing troubles and fighting for survival since the politicians have come. Popular democracy is notbeing screwed by the vested interests but by supposed representatives and leaders by using the illiterate ethnic populace to convince them to indulge in vileness and the anarchy that ensures then shown as a cause for further state intervention and state curbs on liberty and destroying the ability aof the populations to survive and demolish their resilience.
Only person coming out of this fight well fed is the leaders and politicians, people ON both side suffer. They're (people - Victims of Violence) mistake is to trust the state and politicians for solving their misunderstandings.
--On 20 August 2012 Indian Government in a massive internet/social media crack down ordered blocking of more than 200 websites and social media platforms and websites. The News media report at least 38% of the content were hosted from Pakistan. The content varied from instigatory and communal inflammatory write up and morphed images. The Crack down comes at a time when large exodus from cities like Bangalore,Chennai, Hyderabad has been going on following SMSs/Social Media Warning which asked Mongolian race citizens of India to run home before a communal flare up happens. Initially state governments taken aback later jerked themselves into action.
----But once Pakistani involvement was revealed by Union Home secretary the right wing media went berserk accusing the Congress party of sleeping through. The retaliatory posts on blogs and posts have been published which contain misdirected content and write-ups. While responsible citizens and Army Officers have been watching for such content. Enormity and reach of Internet makes the job of watching for such content all the more difficult and avoidable. The Unnecessary aspect is the Right wing projecting the issue of Assamese exodus to level of over-exaggeration that they have stopped meandering around the insider/Indian and foreigner fighting that had been assumed, happened in Assam in the late July 2012 Rioting.
----Union and state government have a massive task of rebuilding lives. The displaced and the returning Assamese will be stretching the capabilities of the State's resources. The Unemployed workforce will go restless and violence maybe a possibility. Again a fertile ground for Violence and Extremists would have field day if the Intelligence and Law administrators fail to act on time.
---- The above article's purpose is to highlight the possibility of political ambitions being a cause for the violence and its interpretation being obfuscated to suit immediate political expediency.   The emails are not for instigating any violence or such other political goals. We and our partners at Wikileaks warn against such crooked interpretations which will lead to break down of law and order. The extremists on both sides of ideological and geographical divide should not be allowed to go free after the mischief they have played and should be held to account in an impartial court of law. That is our expectation....

Investigative partnership Organized by Wikileaks
Obtained By Wikileaks

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